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In 1942, a new cuban art gallery opened its doors at Prado 72, Havana, and closes the same in 1944, the first of its kind in Cuba. The force behind that gallery was Maria Luisa Gómez Mena, who was, incidentally, married to the painter Mario Carreño.In his autobiography, Chronology of the Memory, Mr. Carreño gives 1944 as the year the gallery closed its doors, but other documents place the closing of the gallery in the year 1945. Regardless of the year, the fact of the matter remains that an intense artistic activity took place in Cuba during that time, and that the Prado Gallery was at the center of that activity. read more…
pic2Cundo Bermúdez
(1914 – 2008)
Cuban Cundo Bermúdez Delgado (Secundino). Was born in Havana, Cuba in 1914, died in Westchester, Miami 2008. Although basically self-taught, he studied at the prestigious Academy of San Alejandro for two years.

Mario Carreño
(1913 – 1999)
Cuban Mario Carreño. Was born in Havana, Cuba in 1913, in the district of Arroyo Naranjo (Civil Registry of Havana, Volume 15, Folio 532). “One year before the First World War started.”


Winner of
“Best of Coral Gables Art Gallery 2016


Jesús Fernández Torna (President)
Tatiana Fernández (Vice President)
Yunia Hernandez (Installation & Gallery Operations)